Your Training Contract, Your Career

The focus is on you and the experience needed to enable you to create your own career path. 

Your Training Contract will consist of four six-month seats, one of which will be finance and one of which will be in London.

In each seat you will be supported by a training supervisor, normally a partner or experienced associate, whose role is to ensure that you are given plenty of opportunities to expand your skills, knowledge and experience.

As a Hong Kong trainee, you will have full access to secretaries, professional support lawyers, library assistance, our research tools and other technical support, just as our lawyers do.

The same people who make the decision to recruit you will remain actively involved in your development during your training contract. They will monitor your progress to ensure that your overall experience—the relevance, variety and volume of work as well as training—is valuable and worthwhile.

Your training and development journey goes beyond your Training Contract. Our Associate Career Framework defines excellence at each stage of your career. It provides you with a guide for your career development and helps you know what you need to focus on and when.

Our globally consistent training program for all levels of staff has been recognized by the Financial Times, US Innovative Lawyers Awards 2012 as 'highly commended'.

We have numerous in-house courses tailored for different levels of staff. We also run specialist seminars on law and client industry sectors, as well as soft skills training workshops, which you are encouraged to attend.

The close relationship between people has helped me along my learning path from the very first day.

Eva Yu
Associate, Hong Kong